Along the Styx


This is a d20 D&D 5E campaign set to be parallel to the Everfall universe. This campaign is meant to be more of a fun rewarding campaign, with a difficulty scaling very rapidly to character growth and item acquirement. Full acting of each individuals character will be encouraged highly, with lackluster frowned upon. A craft system will be implemented for simple crafts to save for brevity sake, and some systems/designs from FFG’s Star Wars: The Edge of the Empire will be used as resources/checks if agreed upon by the group.


As GM, certain stats will be monitored by myself in effort for immersion with added effects and consequences for bending/breaking rules. Many roll tables are made for GM to use as random roll factors instead of just top of mind affects. There will be No Limit on any class, race, multispec, or talent builds. Each Character will have a Nemesis that will be implemented in someway, but the full effect will be based off how the players roll play. Custom weapons (unique) will be allowed and tailored according to GM and given at appropriate times. This campaign is meant to last to about level 17 for completion of main story, with room to introduce side quests, or side adventures from a book.


Each person is very highly encouraged to come up with a backstory for their character, explaining how they look, gear, how they got to the point in that characters live (from a class/background view) and if desired, some sort of end game goal, being of their choosing. Choosing options will allow more dialogue and interactions for players, since they have a greater purpose than just tagging along with some random group of strangers more than just a trip to the next town, unless that is their chosen life style. PC’s will be expected to tracked in game systems such as weight encumbrance, personal height and weight, horizontal jump and vertical jump. when given this information, the GM shall make note for reference.


  • craft system.
  • revised duty system.
  • conflict>rep.
  • give players options for joining a starting guild to have an increased start out gear, but have obligation and oath. if broken then notoriety is gained

Along the Styx

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